Ok. So let’s talk about a wonderful and very helpful company from my cousins hometown of Hillsboro. Not many people would write about what their cousin thinks about on a simple blog but yet again I am not a regular person and I care about what my cousin actually has to say.

Oops had a little rant there but no matter let’s get back to the subject at hand. Pace Way Frame & Axle is by far the top repair shop within my cousins hometown and let me tell you why. The owner is a man of great stature and gratitude as I have had the pleasure of meeting Bob on several occasions. We hear a noise in the brakes…we take the vehicle down to his shop.

Now his shop is not one of those corporate commercialized places that are crowded and has 20 docking bays full of bustling mechanics. Not to mention the packed waiting room with only six ounce Styrofoam cups of nasty coffee offered up. Oops there I go again.

Yea no worries here just follow along please. At Pace Way there are only three total employees and Bob will come out to greet your personally. Now being in business for over thirty years, Bob has the patience to listen to what is going on  then offer up a few possibilities and take the vehicle around the block to give it a listen. By no way will he ever talk down , belittle or chuckle at what you think(unlike those other places) but he genuinely cares about fixing your problems.

Backed by years with the BBB and a certified technician when it comes to ASE. This place is nothing but spectacular. We always get the best service and a loyalty price cut when it comes to labor costs. Tell me if you think thats not a good deal? I can sure tell you I appreciate a business owner who will come out from around the counter to greet you and as well as remember your name.

Great customer service and a genuine caring for the person that walks through the door is what its all about. This I feel is a long lost characteristic when it comes to most of the businesses that I walk into today. Every one is caught up in their own thoughts and their are not that many small business owners out there to keep the tradition alive.


In life we all have severe choices that we need to make every day. Take this video, watch it and start moving forward towards your end goal.

Motivation is the greatest moving force in the life that we live.